February 05, 2020

What You Need to Know About Interoperability and Connected Health

Taking an oath to do no harm is a sentiment that ought to be shared not only by physicians but all who are employed within healthcare. Opposing the adoption of rules, regulations, or advancements ... Read More
January 21, 2020

Connected Health ABCs

Trying to keep up with all the acronyms in healthcare can be as confusing as looking for meaning in alphabet soup. Read More
January 07, 2020

A Fresh Look at Remote Patient Monitoring in 2020

The holidays are over, so there’s not much to look forward to other than trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions, right? Read More
December 19, 2019

The What's What of Connected Health

With so many new types of technology, modes of communication, and emerging care models, it can be really difficult to know exactly what’s what in healthcare. Telemedicine, telehealth, and telecare ... Read More
December 10, 2019

Bundled Payments in Healthcare

3.5 trillion dollars could buy a lot of really nice things for a lot of people. In 2017, however, it only got Americans substandard healthcare. In an article for the New Yorker, Dr. Atul Gawande ... Read More
November 27, 2019

Clinical Empathy and the Patient Provider Relationship

Thanksgiving is Thursday, so it’s nearly time to break out the stretchy pants. To be honest, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is actually the day after -- when I can put mashed potatoes on my cold ... Read More
November 19, 2019

Remote Patient Monitoring & Connected Health:  A New Standard of Care

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is serious about using tech to improve healthcare quality. With their sights set on Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring ... Read More
November 14, 2019

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

I really don’t want to beat a dead horse by listing all of the current problems plaguing the American healthcare system… Given how much we spend on healthcare, there are problems that we simply ... Read More
November 06, 2019

Transforming Healthcare with Connected Health Devices

Healthcare in America is undergoing a massive transformation and for good reason. For decades, massive gaps in health data, inefficient transfer of medical records, and inconsistencies in clinical ... Read More
October 29, 2019

Digital Incantations: Automated Patient Engagement 101

Spooky season is upon us. Pumpkins line the streets, darkness falls before dinner, and candy is soon to be half-off at a store near you. This post, however, is not a cautionary tale about the lurking ... Read More
October 22, 2019

The Digital Practitioner

What is The Digital Practitioner? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “Digital Practitioner”? Perhaps, you’re thinking along the lines of Google Glass. Or, maybe, you ... Read More
October 14, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Connected Health

What is Connected Health? Digital innovation allows us to prioritize our time, maximize our efficiencies, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Nearly all of America has fully embraced tech. So why ... Read More
September 04, 2019

Why and How to Improve Patient Satisfaction

What is patient satisfaction? Patient satisfaction, whether at a large hospital, a small community clinic, or a specialty practice, affects every facet of a provider’s business. Satisfaction rates ... Read More
August 23, 2019

How Streamlining Patient Communication Saves You Money

When my daughter was 19, she had her tonsils taken out. Like tens of thousands of other tonsillectomies performed each year, it was a routine procedure that ended with ice cream and lots of rest. ... Read More
August 07, 2019

The revenue generating codes for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) physicians are sleeping on

Working in the belly of the beast of the healthcare industry for over 25 years—whether it’s running specialty clinics, surgery centers, hospitals or health systems—there’s one common set of ... Read More
June 26, 2019

Summer 2019 - Our Momentum is Building

Summer has arrived to the Treasure State, bringing with it tremendous opportunity and excitement for the PatientOne team. And just like a Montana summer, we are feeling pretty glorious right now! ... Read More